About US

Hi All,

This is Salman Safder, your Managing Director for the Muscle Monster. I know you guys have been wondering why things have suddenly slowed down at our end…………the key reason has been our teams vision to make this page not only an answer to your physical development goals but to take you on a journey to Holistic Health. My very good friend who is a Social Development and Public Health Specialist has joined us and will be writing fortnightly on issues related to Health & Healthy Living. Me and my other two colleagues will be your guide/advisor for Need Appropriate Training in terms of Workouts. We, in coming months will be posting fortnightly about techniques that help you to tone your body and facilitate in achieving your Physical Development Goals. We have also decided to select one post from our audience each month (depending upon the feedback we receive), sharing their personal physical development experience for the larger benefit of our net surfers who visit this page in pursuit of achieving their dream physical appearance. So guys and gals gear up ……the race is on to meet the New, More Confident, More Attractive, More Healthy…. YOU.