Muscles Monster Special Diet Plan Food List & Meal Plan Menu Guide

Trying to follow to a stringent nutritional diet plan can be hard for you? But for me it is for sure!

say no to junk food

In this particular article I am going to give a try to show you how you can we form a super healthy and nutritional meal plan that is good in taste and easy to follow! ​

In order to be effective on the muscles monster weight loss procedure, it is essential to follow the recommendations set by our nutrition’s, but it is also important that you must follow and uphold a very low calories healthy diet, taking not more than 650 calories per day. More notably though is how those up to 650 calories are prepared up. While majority of people normally eat more than 600 calories in just one sitting while eating their favorite meal at cafeteria, the muscles monster diet is very precise and we guide you people how to split those calories throughout your day.

While the approved food list by our experts may seem short to you guys, but it is gathered very sensibly so your body can straightforwardly without any trouble lose weight. For this you need to plan your all day meals sensibly and eat in portions. Once you start eating healthy food which includes fresh green organic vegetables and seasonal fruits, you will develop a habit to eat clean and never get bored eating that kind of stuff and will never starve for junk food.

What’ is the Muscles Monster Food List, Let’s See?

Before we discuss the list of food you allowable to consume throughout your diet session, it is essential to take your

own nutritional needs into notice. If you have some kind of food allergies or you are diabetic issues, then it is very important that you and your doctor will need to come up with a balancing diet plan that is personalized to your particular needs. If there are some diets or food on the list that you don’t like to consume, you cannot just substitute it with a food you like, except it is also on the provided food list.

To make sure you are consuming the accurate amount of calories you may want to invest in a small kitchenette scale, particularly for your protein ratio. If possible, your proteins should be taken from fresh and organic food like from dairy item and fresh lean meat. For all other sanctioned foods in the list, they should be fresh and organic as well, you just need to develop a habit to visit your nearest fruit and vegetable market to grab fresh food.

Appropriate Food List by Our Nutritionists

Source of Protein:

It is recommended for protein intake, it must be 1 gram per pound body weight, in other words you can eat up to 200 grams a day, but note more than 60 70 grams per meal. Sources of natural protein is mentioned below:

Sea Food- Fish, Lobster, Crab, Shrimps

Lean Beef

Buffalo Milk and Cheese

Egg Whites

Chicken Breasts

Fresh & Organic Vegetables

Fresh vegetables should be a part of your every meal plate. You should break up all your vegetable in small portions and consume those in every of your meal, it is not recommended to consume all portion of vegetable in one sitting, you must make little portions of all your meals for all day along for better results. List of must take vegetable are:

Spinach, Celery, Fennel

Cauliflower, Chard, Onions

Beet Greens, Cucumbers, Green Salad

Cabbage, Mixed Greens, Red Radishes

Shallots, Asparagus, Tomatoes


Fruits which is most important part of your daily meal plan:

Mostly the most favorite fruit of ours contain high amount of sugar, i.e. ripe mangoes, though they are a part of a vigorous daily diet, but there are only limited listed fruits you can safely take while on our diet plan, and you can only eat twice a day in appropriate portions.


Fresh Oranges

Green Apples





Other Ratified food Items for your diet plan:

These assorted items can be a supplementary to your meal plan throughout the diet plan:

Apple Cider Vinegar- which is very good for your skin

Mustard powder

Salt, pepper, or any other regular spices

Amino Acids

Herbal Tea

Blended Coffee

Must Follow Your Diet Plan

This is important how you eat these foods on daily basis and why all that meal planning really helps. This article will surely help you when you are eating and what actually you are eating. So, you can manage your meals according to plan and stick to your healthy diet plan and try to make it your life style. Must take coffee or tea during your day, it’s good for your health too but never take exceeding quantity, 2 cups a day is more than enough!

One of the most important things to keep in mind never skip your meal, you have to take your meal properly and in time for better results. Skipping meals is very unhealthy and we never suggest people to do crash dieting for faster weight loss. You will get sick with this kind of act.

A Typical Diet Routine with Us:


First Meal of the Day, Breakfast: Coffee or tea. And one serving of fruit from above the list

Lunch/Brunch: You must take 80-100 grams of any sanctioned protein, 1 vegetable of your choice, 1 listed fruit, and a piece of bread.

Dinner/Supper: 100 grams’ protein like a piece of Steak which is made from lean meat, 1 listed vegetable, fruit or juice and rice.